A deeper connection: Extended stays at Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi is the perfect Ibiza location for extended stays at any time of year but during winter, you can make the entire house feel like your home. Staying for more than a week creates a much deeper connection to a place and it’s people. You’ll become a local and no longer a tourist, dipping your toes into the real Ibiza community.

Writers, painters and thinkers of all schools take time out to immerse themselves in peaceful production. You don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the benefits of an extend stay at Cas Gasi. There is plenty to keep you occupied, unless you would prefer to remain unoccupied, that is!

Private Spanish lessons in the garden with a professional teacher will have you mastering the local language in no time. Perfect your horse riding skills or simply enjoy daily hikes through the countryside. Go deeper with your yoga practice on Cas Gasi’s specialised deck. Take a painting workshop, try meditation or go for a guided foraging walk through the nearby forests. Finish that novel! Write that screen play! Or just sit, with a stack of books, several excellent playlists and a comfy chair.

The house with its roaring fireplace, tranquil gardens (and heated swimming pool!) will envelop you in a cosy life-affirming embrace. Evenings in the cinema room with some old classics, morning tea by the fire, hearty walks through the grounds to the surrounding villages and delicious home cooked meals are just the tonic to relieve any ailment. Winter in Ibiza is pure bliss, and winters spent at Cas Gasi make them all the more perfect.