About Ibiza

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza (Eivissa) is situated, just off coast of Valencia, Spain. The third largest island in the Balearic archipelago, and the largest of the Pitiuses, Ibiza has historical origins including Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and Moorish, and dating as far back as the Phoenicians in 654BC.

Endless sunny days, a year-round mild climate and truly breathtaking and varied scenery make Ibiza a wonderful holiday destination for all ages. Over 210 kilometres of idyllic coastline, crystal clear waters, lush vegetation including vast pine forests, olive, fig, carob and almond trees, citrus orchards and more attract over 5 million people per year!

A haven for hippies on the bohemian travel trail in the ‘60s, Ibiza then became known for its hedonistic tourism trade, in particular the well-documented super clubs and the rise of electronic music from the late ‘80s onwards, a scene that continues to thrive today.

Despite its popularity with tourists, finding time and space for rest and relaxation in Ibiza is a breeze. Coastal and countryside walks, beautiful bike trails, yoga retreats, tranquil beaches, spectacular sunsets, yoga, meditation and detox retreats, rustic and fine dining restaurants and UNESCO World Heritage Listed Sites make for fascinating holidays.

Whether you choose to dip your toe into the party scene or not is simply a matter of personal taste!

Our neighbourhood by electric bike

There are so many lovely trails and pathways leading to cute villages and gorgeous beaches throughout Ibiza. Of course, there are many options for discovering these hidden routes, however, taking an electric bike is the perfect answer.

Creative island: Ibiza out of season

The reasons for visiting Ibiza are well known; sunshine, gorgeous beaches, relaxed vibes and fun times. What so many people don’t know about Ibiza is its divine appeal during the winter months…

Ibiza Heritage: Ses Salines salt flats

Some time in the 8th century BC, the Phoenicians set up base in Ibiza and began to develop the salt flats at Las Salinas in the south of the island. After the Phoenicians came the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Byzantines and numerous hoards of pirates, marauders and chancers…

Sailing Adventures

Cas Gasi owner Luis fell in love with sailing through his father and together, father and son would set out on amazing adventures, exploring the secret coves and beaches of Ibiza.

Best Family Beaches

Even though Cas Gasi boasts one of the most beautiful, chemical-free pools in Ibiza, a trip to the beach during your stay with us is highly recommended. Our guests are always seeking personal recommendations, and the following beaches are our favourites for families…

Step back in time – Eivissa Medieval Festival

Travellers? We’ve got them. Sun worshippers? Flocking to our beaches. Yogis? Omming on the island. Fashionistas, celebrities and clubbers? They’re flocking to the island in droves. However one type of person you wouldn’t expect to come across on a trip to Ibiza is a medieval jester juggling leather balls in the cobbled streets of the old town – right?

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