Behind the scenes: Searching for décor

The famous New York interior designer Bunny Williams says, “If you love something, it will work. That is the only real rule”. That aphorism is no truer than in the decoration of Cas Gasi. Unlike other establishments, Cas Gasi has never employed a designer. Everything that you see has been meticulously chosen and placed by owner Margaret in accordance with her innate sense of design and desire to create a warm and loving home-like atmosphere for all of her guests. Every piece has been acquired according to just one principle – it must be lovely.

Inspiration comes from many places. Design and architecture books are keenly collected at Cas Gasi – take a look through the library of gorgeous coffee table books and you’ll see where well worn pages have inspired some parts of the hotel. The island itself is also a generous muse. The natural beauty and local traditions intuitively inform the hotel as well as the local auction house Margaret frequently visits, unable to resist even a passing glance, delighting in the treasure hunt. Travel is another source of creativity. Other cultures and their artistic traditions constantly inspire the hotel’s sensibility. It is a hub of international guests, after all, and their influence is welcome.

In keeping with the environmental ethos of Cas Gasi, pieces are always reworked, renewed or repurposed. Collaboration with an artistic carpenter has long been tradition at the hotel, a rite of creative thinking that allows for inventive solutions and unique design. Eschewing a professional interior designer means there can be a natural and creative progression to the design elements of Cas Gasi. A certain freedom to break rules and ignore trends has built a warm, welcoming and sometimes whimsical ambience. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.