Bettina Knapp

Bettina Knapp

Yoga instructor and nutritional consultant

Casi Gasi’s in-house, multi-lingual, yoga instructor and nutritional consultant, Bettina Knapp, has a long career spanning Europe and the USA. Luckily for guests of the hotel, she now imparts her special kind of positive loveliness on site at Cas Gasi. Bettina focuses on the healing properties of yoga and nutrition, guiding guests through the sometimes confusing world of health and wellbeing with a smile that lights up the whole hotel.

Each morning starts with a free yoga class on the picturesque outdoor yoga deck at Cas Gasi, for any hotel guest who may wish to join. Bettina’s dynamic Vinyasa Flow style truly gets the energy going and opens the heart, body and mind in preparation for the beautiful day ahead. She gently guides her classes through a flow of poses that aim to cleanse, energise, increase circulation and release toxins in both the body and mind. 

To top it all off she is a walking Encyclopaedia of healthful information! As a certified holistic nutritionist Bettina can advise and create bespoke dietary guidelines, especially for those with gluten and dairy issues or those who just want to fine tune their eating habits. Through her own recipes and personalised smoothies and juices, Bettina takes feeling good to the next level.

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