An insider’s look into our beautiful island life at boutique hotel Cas Gasi. From exclusive offers and news from around the island, to seasonal views, history and much more…

Our stay was marvellous and the attention perfect

Guest, Spain
Parra y Romero: Conceptual art, modern love

The modern art scene in Ibiza has its embryonic roots in the 1930s when a cavalcade of European artists started to arrive on the island. The scene really took hold in 1959 when Grupo Ibiza 59 was formed. The loose collective consisted of artists Erwin Bechtold, Hans Laabs, Egon Neibauer, Katja Meirowsky, Heinz Trökes, Robert

The importance of being Easter

Does it sound like Oscar Wilde? Well, it’s all about how we celebrate Easter, depending on where we come from culturally. And how do we celebrate it here on Ibiza and at Cas Gasi?
Whereas the expression Easter (Ostern in German) derives from the Old English word Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn and spring, in Southern

Through the lens of a pro: the art of nature in Cas Gasi

Our natural world is teeming with textures and Ibiza is the archetypal setting within which to find glorious examples. A few years ago, we had an unusual hotel guest staying with us. A photographer, who wouldn’t, for one minute, stop taking pictures in our gardens, orchards, vegetable plot etc., totally excited! His incredible curiosity didn’t

An extraordinary property which spills down a hillside smothered in almond, fig and carob trees

Conde Nast Traveller

To arrive at Cas Gasi is to never want to leave

Guest, Mexico
A good night’s sleep

We have all used or heard one or more of the following terms and phases pertaining to sleep; “beauty sleep”, “cat nap”, “I’m going to grab a little shut-eye.”, “power nap”, “I’m going to turn in for the night.”, “hit the sack”, “catch some zzz’s”….. but no matter how we spin it, one thing remains

Treat yourself to a cosy winter escape and beat the blues!

It’s the season for warming fireplaces, cosy couch time, reading a favorite book, brisk outdoor walks, hot cocoa, a glass of red wine or a signature rose infused gin and tonic, dinner parties with friends and/or your loved one(s). It’s a good time for Cas Gasi!
As we feed the fire in our grand fire

Up close and personal: an interview with Cas Gasi’s founder

CREDENTIALS: Margaret von Korff was born to a German family in Barcelona in November of 1957. After traveling the world, she ended up arriving in Ibiza by sail boat… where she stayed. In 1989 she purchased a farm in the heart of the island to start ecological agriculture and, 10 years later, she transformed the property

A slice of Balearic bliss

Ibiza NOW

This hotel feels like a stylish friend’s hacienda

Food & Wine
“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

Breathe… We agree with poet William Cullen Bryant, Autumn is one of our favourite seasons at Cas Gasi in Ibiza – a time when the island sinks into a slower rhythm. The bright intensity of July and August has given way to the dreamy haze of an Indian summer.
A peace has descended, even while

Thai Yoga Massage: The Art of Tranquillity

There’s a fresh contender for Cas Gasi’s most addictive experience. The Thai Yoga Massage by Agathe Utard, our new in-house yogini and therapist, is fast gaining a cult following.
It’s easy to see why: this treatment is a hypnotic pleasure. Combining assisted yoga stretching with rhythmic kneading and rocking, its lull is impossible to resist.

WOMEN TO WATCH: Lady of the house, Margaret von Korff

Feel as if you were at home during your holidays. This is what Margaret von Korff and her family have achieved with Cas Gasi, an old country house from 1880 located near the village of Santa Gertrudis, in Ibiza.

Get the best service on the island at this family-run hotel up in the hill

Harper's Bazaar

Guests return for the discreet, attentive service from owner Margaret von Korff and her staff

Food & Wine
Design details

Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff shares her unique take on design, creativity and the hotel’s eclectic style.
 I choose things intuitively. It’s about having fun and following my inspiration, rather than going with any trend. I couldn’t define my aesthetic – but I do like things that have a story to tell and a

Earth Day at Cas Gasi

April 22nd is Earth Day – a global celebration that’s close to our hearts. Long before sustainability became a buzzword, we’ve been passionate about taking care of the land. Our beginnings as an ecological farm go back decades – and remain rooted in all that we do.
From our fresh organic produce (proudly officially certified) to

Bring on Spring

It is sunny and 18 degrees in Ibiza and not a cloud in the sky. The grass in the fields surrounding Cas Gasi is a deep shade of Kelly green, contrasting with the red earth, and sprinkled with vibrantly colored wild flowers that dance in the light breeze. The scenery of the almond trees in

Royalty has also been enchanted by the family’s style

IBIZA deluxe

We arrived and enjoyed the peace & serenity of the Ibiza countryside

What the press says about us

The year started well for us in the press! While the island was hibernating, the world at large was talking…

The noble almond

The night of the February full moon is quite possibly the most romantic evening of the year. It is on the February full moon that Ibiza locals venture out into the chilled air to witness the magic of the almond tree blossoms over the fields of Santa Agnes.

Ibiza’s magnificent museums

For millennia, Ibiza was a crossroads for myriad cultures, each of which have left their mark on the island in some form or another. Many of the artefacts left behind have been collected in the island’s magnificent museums.

The best organic food I have ever had. Fantastic.

Guest, London
Happy New Year and thank you!

What a wonderful year it’s been at Cas Gasi. We welcomed back many regular guests who have been coming to the hotel for so many years they are now part of the family. We’ve also enjoyed the company of guests new to the hotel.

Island traditions: Salsa Nadal

Christmas traditions get passed down from generation to generation as a way to remember loved ones and cherish the uniqueness of family and culture. In Ibiza, there is one Christmas tradition that still stands strong across the island and curiosity in most visitors. Salsa Nadal (Christmas sauce) is one of the more unusual traditional dishes

Escape to Cas Gasi for New Year

Once the hustle of Christmas is over, attentions turn to everyone’s favourite celebration – New Year’s Eve. Here at Cas Gasi we are preparing for one of our favourite times of the year: the festive holidays and New Year’s Eve brimming with traditional touches to make our guest’s stay extra special. Believe it or not,

Franco Monti – The positive effects of art

The rooms of Cas Gasi are filled with beloved artworks collected over decades. It’s in recent years that owner Margaret von Korff has started to cast her eye towards the gardens, seeking out pieces that complement the lushness of the estate. Her first acquisition was the gorgeous Franco Monti sculpture that sits pride of place

Meet our neighbours

There’s a very special connection between Cas Gasi and neighbours Bartomeu and Catalina, who live directly alongside the hotel. It’s a deep bond that has spanned 26 years of mutual respect and laughter. This special friendship manifests every morning on the Cas Gasi breakfast table in the form of fresh goat cheese.
It might

Back to tranquility

It’s that time of year where things start to shift on this magical island. The days begin to cool yet the sun shines on and the people of Ibiza start to slow down. Friends who were busy during the summer months are finally able to meet over tea or dinner, catching up on each other’s

Three easy pieces

As you may know, Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff takes pleasure in having a little morning stroll to Santa Gertrudis with her water dog Viz, having a coffee in one of her favourite cafes, and stopping by at Casi Todo – the island’s only auction house. When entering the hotel, Cas Gasi guests are

Release your inner pirate

It’s hard to resist breaking out into a bit of pirate speak as you walk along the battlements of Ibiza’s old town. A few “Argghhs!’” and “Aye me hearties!” never go astray. The whole place has pirate stamped all over it and for good reason. Pirates and plunderers were frequent visitors to the island –

A day at Cas Gasi

The first recommendation on arrival at Cas Gasi is to relax and unwind. Having a day chilling in the hotel is the best way to recharge your batteries in preparation for what’s to come. The free morning yoga class on the wooden deck in the garden is a fabulous way to start the day, resetting

Breakfast of champions

One of the best things about holidays is not having to prepare breakfast. All you need to do is wake up and wander towards the dining room and take a seat. Cas Gasi has recently added new dishes to its breakfast menu and with much of the produce coming directly from the hotel’s organic garden,

Musical memories

Music has always played a major role in daily life at Cas Gasi. At any given moment, the reception and living areas are filled with the sweet tunes that represent the best of music across the ages.

It is easy being green

One thing about Mother Nature is her ability to be fragile and powerful at the same time. It is our job to protect her beauty in all its forms and it’s a job that the team at Cas Gasi take very seriously. Right from the start, before the farmhouse became a hotel, owners Margaret von

Food for everyone and every body.

It has long been common knowledge that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat. Loads of fresh vegetables, very few saturated fats and a penchant for olive oil over butter has made the traditional diet of the Med a benchmark for wellbeing. In recent years there has been even more increased

Authentic living

There are times when one walks into a chain restaurant or hotel and senses something missing. It may be very elegant and have a good reputation but there is always an air of imitation, an idea that this same elegance has been replicated again and again under the same name in various locations. Despite any

It’s a retreat… but not as you know it

These days people seem to go on retreats as frequently as they grab a coffee. There are all sorts of things on offer from the zany to the spiritual to the hardcore boot camps. But what if you just want some time out? A little relaxation coupled with some healthy self-care under the guidance of

Sabina: A noble tree for a noble people

There was a time when the Sabina tree grew as thickly in the forests of Ibiza as the pine. Back then they could reach ten metres in height with a trunk radius of one metre wide. Their rough bark withstands the moods of the weather, the saltiness of the air and any onslaught that comes

Featured artist: Sandra de Keller

Ibiza is not short on icons. There are the big international ones – DJs, models, nightclubs and the like. Then the natural world ones – Es Vedra, Ses Salines, the west coast sunset etcetera. However, there are icons that only a true local could recognise – flaó cheesecake, Tanit and the Podenco, Ibiza’s native dog.

Meet the team: Bettina Knapp, yoga instructor & nutritional expert

Yoga instructor and nutritional expert Bettina Knapp was 19 when she first came to Ibiza. She remembers stepping out of the airport and feeling a deep sense of belonging. She knew that one day she would build a dream life here. But there were a couple of other lives to live first, all through which

Hygge at Cas Gasi

Hygge has become a buzzword of late and it’s one we here at Cas Gasi feel a very strong connection to. Discover why in our latest blog post…

Media reviews – Don’t just take our word for it…

The one thing Cas Gasi always strives for as a boutique hotel is discretion and privacy. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which is why it never seeks out publicity.

Our local villages

Cas Gasi is in a prime location to discover the natural beauty of Ibiza and several of the island’s most charming villages. Our latest blog showcases three of our favourites.

Going back to winter

As the temperature settles into a mild winter, the island’s mood changes from eventful to more reflective. Boots are dug out from the back of the closet and woolly jumpers are pulled on.

Featured artist: Linde Bialas

In our latest blog post we feature German artist Linde Bialas, who developed her artistic sensibilities right here in Ibiza.

The liquid gold of Cas Gasi

Olive oil is the sustaining ingredient in Mediterranean life. Without it, so many of the great cuisines would not exist.

Spend New Year at Cas Gasi

Oh the conundrum of what to do on New Years Eve! Join the crowds in the streets for fireworks, or stay home and go to bed early? How about a whole new way of looking at this ancient celebration? New Year at Cas Gasi is everything you want it to be.

Winter at Cas Gasi: Everybody loves the sunshine

Everybody loves the sunshine! Did you know that Ibiza experiences average winter temperatures of 16 degrees and the mercury rarely drops below nine?

Essential luxuries: La Biosthetique guest amenities

Cas Gasi is a family-owned boutique hotel and every product used comes from a trusted source of like minded people and companies that share the same ethos of family values, quality processes and customer care.

Sweet suite – Porch suite

Just above the bougainvillea shrouded entrance to Cas Gasi sits one of the most lovely and coveted suites in the hotel. In Cas Gasi’s previous incarnation as a farmhouse, this room was an open terrace where tomatoes, sausages and cheese were hung to dry. Today it is home to a luxury suite with the same

A deeper connection: Extended stays at Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi is the perfect Ibiza location for extended stays at any time of year but during winter, you can make the entire house feel like your home.

Cas Gasi gardens – A Mediterranean ethos

Renowned British gardener and novelist Alan Titchmarsh believes the good health garnered from the Mediterranean lifestyle has as much to do with excellent food as it does to do with garden design. Cultivated to encourage long lazy outdoor lunches followed by gentle snoozing in the shade of a fig tree, the Mediterranean garden is at

Cas Casi library: Coffee table book collection

Cas Gasi boasts a remarkable collection of large format, beautifully bound art books. Usually people refer to them as coffee table books, used to adorn and decorate living rooms the world over.

Now and then: The Cas Gasi kitchen

When Cas Gasi first transformed from a family home into a hotel it was owner Luis Trigueros Juan who manned the ovens and provided sustenance to the guests. The speciality of Luis’s kitchen was traditional salt baked whole fish.

Meet the team: Diego, head of reception and concierge

On an island that sees its fair share of comings and goings, it’s a testament to Diego’s love for Ibiza and of course, for Cas Gasi, that 2016 is his fifth year here at the hotel.
Born in Nove, in the Italian Veneto, Diego studied to become an electrical engineer but his natural wanderlust and

New & classic dishes in the Cas Gasi kitchen

Cas Gasi’s chef has devised a menu of delicate flavours, innovative combinations and classic dishes to inspire palates and nourish the soul.

Going off the grid at Cas Gasi

In days gone by, people used to write letters. They would sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and have a little think about what they wanted to say.

Formentera by boat – Day trip

Formentera is sometimes referred to as Ibiza’s little sister but to be perfectly frank this is rather a misnomer. It is nothing like Ibiza.

Meet the family: Clara & Viz

Nine years ago Clara joined the team (and family) at Cas Gasi. Her main job is to keep seats warm and lick people’s hands. Yes, she is a dog, however, like most Jack Russells she would be appalled to be classed as such…

Our neighbourhood by electric bike

There are so many lovely trails and pathways leading to cute villages and gorgeous beaches throughout Ibiza. Of course, there are many options for discovering these hidden routes, however, taking an electric bike is the perfect answer.

In the press – Our latest accolades

We pride ourselves on being a small and discreet boutique hotel. Our goal has always been to create a warm and welcoming ambience where it’s all about family, friends, and luxurious relaxation.

The invisible members club

Originally private members clubs were used as a retreat for the aristocratic class while in the city. More recently there has been a resurgence in the private members club scene.

Behind the scenes: Searching for décor

The famous New York interior designer Bunny Williams says, “If you love something, it will work. That is the only real rule”. That aphorism is no truer than in the decoration of Cas Gasi.

The evolution of our wine list

Some people have the mind for wine. They can drink a bottle somewhere; remember the name, the vintage and even the taste. Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed with that kind of mind, or maybe it’s just too much wine that clouds our cerebral skills?

Shopping with a heart

The intimate boutique within Cas Gasi has evolved organically, much like the rest of the hotel. Every single piece has been hand selected in accordance to Cas Gasi’s aesthetic and ethical ideals.

Cas Gasi never stands still

Cas Gasi was once the family home of owners Margaret and Luis, within the walls children grew, tears were dried, birthdays celebrated and moments were shared.

Creative island: Ibiza out of season

The reasons for visiting Ibiza are well known; sunshine, gorgeous beaches, relaxed vibes and fun times. What so many people don’t know about Ibiza is its divine appeal during the winter months…

The colours of Cas Gasi

Many first timers to Ibiza comment on the quality of the light here. It’s that particular diaphanous light that inspires Cas Gasi’s owner, Margaret, when she is decorating spaces at the hotel…

Sweet suite: Junior Suite

Tucked away within its own small private grounds, the Junior Suite is a favourite hideaway for newlyweds and those seeking a romantic escape. Through a set of double wooden doors is a living area with plush cream sofas, beyond which lies a lavish king sized bed surrounded by white curtains for even more added romance…

Ibiza Heritage: Ses Salines salt flats

Some time in the 8th century BC, the Phoenicians set up base in Ibiza and began to develop the salt flats at Las Salinas in the south of the island. After the Phoenicians came the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Byzantines and numerous hoards of pirates, marauders and chancers…

Christmas and New Year at Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi is a charming location to spend the Christmas and New Year festive period. The warm ambience of the house, the lush wooded estate and delightful family traditions of owners make this time of year seem like stepping into the pages of a picture book…

Nourishing at Cas Gasi

Over the years, Cas Gasi owner Margaret Von Korff has put a lot of energy into the organically grown vegetable garden onsite. The quality of produce that comes out of the garden is testament to Cas Gasi’s commitment to organic, chemical-free living…

From the Cas Gasi kitchen – Cati’s greixonera

Many cultures around the world have developed recipes that used up the previous days leftovers. It’s only in recent history that we live with an abundance of produce and can afford to be less thrifty…

Meet the team: Pepe, gardening

Many years ago in Ibiza, Cas Gasi owners Margaret and Luis contracted a local technician to come and install a water feature in the grounds of their home, 18 years later the result can be seen in the lush abundance of the Cas Gasi garden…

Sailing Adventures

Cas Gasi owner Luis fell in love with sailing through his father and together, father and son would set out on amazing adventures, exploring the secret coves and beaches of Ibiza.

Music at Cas Gasi

Every time you pass through the doors of Cas Gasi there is music. It is part of life at the hotel, suffusing the ordinary daily tasks with a gentle rhythm of blues, jazz, chill out and even the occasional rock classic.

Meet the family – Vera

In her role as Operations Manager at Cas Gasi, Margaret and Luis’s daughter Vera is constantly revisiting memories of her childhood; like the daily juice squeezed from oranges picked right off the tree.

Fresh summer cocktails

There are so many lovely spots at Cas Gasi to enjoy a cocktail. Try one of these three popular cocktail concoctions, or ask our bartenders to help recommend something to suit your tastebuds.

Best Family Beaches

Even though Cas Gasi boasts one of the most beautiful, chemical-free pools in Ibiza, a trip to the beach during your stay with us is highly recommended. Our guests are always seeking personal recommendations, and the following beaches are our favourites for families…

Wine at Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi’s wine list is a lot like the hotel. Not too big, very refined and completely unpretentious. Cas Gasi’s sommelier, Alberto Ruiz, selects a few of his favourites and matches them with the perfect dish from the summer 2015 menu.

Make an eco-friendly splash

Over the years, Cas Gasi has become renowned for finding new ways to incorporate innovative, ecological systems into the daily running of the hotel. The protection of the environment has always been of great concern to owners Margaret and Luis, and likewise for their environmentally conscious and well-travelled guests, which is why you won’t find any harsh chemicals used in the beautiful hotel swimming pools.

Day treatments at Cas Gasi

Taking some time out to care for your wellbeing is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Not everyone wants to, or even needs to, take a weeklong detox to bring peace of mind and support a healthful body. Often we just need one day of conscious relaxation to re-centre and feel good about our world and ourselves. This is why Cas Gasi have partnered with health and wellness professionals to design two separate re-energising day treatments.

Meet the team – Cati, housekeeping

26 years ago Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan moved into the house that is now known around the world as the boutique hotel, Cas Gasi. Margaret turned to her neighbour Cati shortly before the family’s home was converted into hotel and a lasting friendship was formed.

Step back in time – Eivissa Medieval Festival

Travellers? We’ve got them. Sun worshippers? Flocking to our beaches. Yogis? Omming on the island. Fashionistas, celebrities and clubbers? They’re flocking to the island in droves. However one type of person you wouldn’t expect to come across on a trip to Ibiza is a medieval jester juggling leather balls in the cobbled streets of the old town – right?

Free daily yoga class for Cas Gasi guests during the season

Every morning as the sun rises and the island stretches out to greet another beautiful day, Cas Gasi’s private yogi repares to share her magical skills on the yoga mat with any hotel guests who chose to participate. This daily, free yoga class is just one of the many ways Cas Gasi provides guests with

Easter traditions – serious and sweet

Easter in Ibiza is a fascinating affair that needs to be witnessed (at least) once in a lifetime. Semana Santa, the weeklong religious festival, is marked by a series of sombre, yet striking, processions through our towns and villages

Cinema Paradiso

Despite the fact Ibiza boasts a plethora of things to do, there are those cosy, chillier days and nights when you wish for nothing more than to sit back, relax and enjoy a good film

Form, function and beauty

It’s no secret that Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff is continuously rejuvenating the hotel. Whether it’s adding a newly discovered plant to the gardens or restoring an antique to its former glory, her eye is always seeking to refine its aesthetic appeal.

Putting the art in heart

Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff’s lifelong passion for design, art and architecture is highly evident throughout the rooms and grounds of the hotel. Constantly re-thinking the design aspects of the various spaces from year-to-year, she is always dreaming of new ways to realise her aesthetic ideas.

Hot off the press

As our guests know, Cas Gasi is not ‘just’ a hotel. It’s our passion in life to create a space and experience for our guests that is incomparable, encompassing tranquillity, quality and love…

Baby it’s cold outside…

Ibiza in winter is blessed with crisp bright days and clear, star filled nights. Unlike the rest of Europe, temperatures are mild and the countryside is lush and green…

Dalt Vila: Ibiza’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site

Ibiza’s famous fortified ‘old town’, Dalt Vila, was officially named a World Heritage Listed Site by UNESCO in 1999 – a stunning example of classic Renaissance military architecture, within which lies the historical remnants of the many cultures who have called Ibiza home over thousands of years.

Shopping hotspots

An essential part of every Ibiza holiday is exploring the local boutiques, shops and markets, indulging in a spot of retail therapy. Cas Gasi owner Margaret says many of her guests come back from the beach in summer with amazing purchases from the beautiful beach boutiques attached to many restaurants.


Cas Gasi owners Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan pride themselves on using as many sustainable techniques and eco-friendly methods as possible in the day-to-day running of the hotel.

Inside the Cas Gasi kitchen

At the head of the Cas Gasi kitchen is an experienced chef, hailing from Valencia and bringing with him a passion for cooking with high level skills and a repertoire of dishes that have impressed Cas Gasi’s owners, guests and visitors alike!

Spa and yoga retreats

Yoga retreats have always been popular in Ibiza, but for some people, joining a group retreat is not always possible, or desirable. Whether it is the restricted dates that make it difficult to attend or that you’d simply prefer to experience a yoga retreat connecting with yourself, Cas Gasi can create bespoke yoga retreats for just one person.

Cocktails at Cas Gasi

Ibiza holidays are all about cocktails and dreams… whether by the pool, on the hotel terrace as the sun sets, before, after or even during dinner!

Exploring Ibiza by sea

As a long term sailing expert, Cas Gasi owner Luis Trigueros – who met his wife Margaret von Korff when starting the project for the famous Whitbred Round The World Race 85/86 – knows the Balearic Sea like the back of his hand. The couple like to take their sailboat out at least once a week throughout summer, so when Cas Gasi guests are looking for tips on where to go when hiring a yacht charter, they know exactly who to ask!

In bloom: Cas Gasi gardens…

Alive with vibrant colour, beautiful, flowing movement and perfectly manicured lawns, it would seem the soil at Cas Gasi has been blessed with something magical, due to the way the flowers, plants and grass thrive here!

Special Ibiza sunsets

Ibiza and sunsets go hand in hand, and while everyone is aware of the famous San Antonio ‘sunset strip’ and its variety of chillout bars – including the legendary Café del Mar – there are also plenty of other alternative vantage points on the island to watch the sun sink into the sea each night.

Our favourite Ibiza beaches

Not a day goes by during summer at Cas Gasi, where the owners and staff are not asked for personal recommendations on the best Ibiza beaches. After all, who better to ask than a local?

Fresh produce in abundance

The secret to the success of the Cas Gasi kitchen lies in the seasonal produce plucked daily, weekly and monthly from the onsite vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

Now & then: From animal pens to beautiful bedrooms

When Cas Gasi owners Margaret and Luis first decided to transform their family home into a boutique hotel, expanding the size of the old farmhouse was essential in order to accommodate their desired amount of guests.

And relax… Cas Gasi Spa essentials

The Cas Gasi Spa facilities may not be the biggest, or the most famous in Ibiza, but our guests are guaranteed to receive the very best treatments on the island. Our therapists and masseuses are highly regarded (and regularly lauded) by our discerning guests and we are proud of the true world-class treatments we offer. Here are three of our favourites…

Ibiza yoga holidays at Cas Gasi

Ibiza has long been famous for its wellness escapes, and the cusp of the summer season are the perfect time to embark on an Ibiza yoga holiday right here within the grounds of Cas Gasi.

Cas Gasi Ibiza Concierge Service: Where everything is possible

Yes, we know. Concierge services are a dime a dozen in Ibiza. And of course, here at Cas Gasi, we more-than-happily offer the standard services such as chauffeur driven cars, babysitting services, yacht charters, VIP tables and restaurant reservations, but we also have plenty of experience at going the extra mile to keep our guests satisfied.

Meet the Cas Gasi family: Margaret von Korff & Luis Trigueros Juan

The reason a holiday at Cas Gasi feels like you are staying at a family home is because you ARE staying in a family home: the home of happily married couple Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan.

Sweet suite: Deluxe Suite

One of the hotel’s most unique and frequently requested suites, the Tiffany blue-hued Deluxe Suite truly has a home-away-from home, instantly comforting appeal.

Ibiza souvenirs: Local delights

Obligatory excess luggage laden with gifts for your loved ones is all part of the holiday experience, however Ibiza town’s fluorescent t-shirts and tawdry postcards are hardly the souvenirs dreams are made of.

Cas Gasi style

A stroll throughout the many rooms, suites, sitting rooms, and living areas of Cas Gasi unearths many a unique and interesting piece of décor. No matter how many times one strolls the corridors, new and interesting pieces are always discovered, a testament to the eye for style and attention to detail of owners Margaret and Luis, who have been collecting their furnishings for many years… with many more to come.

To market, to market

As is weekend custom in many of the world’s coolest cities, an early morning stroll (complete with paper-cup coffee) around local markets is guaranteed to unearth some unique finds, from fashion and furniture to face creams and much more. With its rich bohemian roots, fashion-forward residents and creative culture, Ibiza is no different, with an all year round market scene keeping the weekends interesting.

Cas Gasi favourite: Misty mornings

We adore the morning mists in the Ibiza countryside, particularly in January, before the fog lifts to reveal these infamous warm, still and sunny winter days.
The locals call this  “the calm of January”.  We call it pure bliss.

A room with a view

Cas Gasi really does give you a room with a view.

The hotel’s south-east facing rooms overlook the rose garden and the entrance whilst the south-west facing rooms overlook the swimming pool.

Bedtime is best

At Cas Gasi Ibiza, we believe that bedtime should be the best time.
All our beds feature top quality feather bedding mattresses, the best in Egyptian cotton bed linen, soft duvets, bed covers and plenty of pillows! Decide how you would like us to make up your bed and we will do just that.

It’s olive harvesting time!

Every autumn, normally in November, is olive harvesting time.
The nets are spread under the olive trees and each branch is “combed” using a flexible tool with teeth like a child’s beach rake, enabling the small Arbequina olives to be gathered.
Next, in two batches, to obtain one younger and fruitier oil, and another that

In bloom: Ibiza almond blossoms

As the thick of the winter starts to come to an end, the fields of Ibiza become awash with a beautiful white haze… No, it’s not snow – rather, this spectacular show of nature is the annual blooming of the almond blossoms, when the wiry old almond trees finally get to show off, turning the country landscapes into picturesque scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale.

Ibiza flora and fauna

The hotel is surrounded by hundreds of exceptionally beautiful perfumed flowers that release their fragrance at dusk. The orange groves and the vegetable plots are all organically farmed, giving the garden a rustic feel.

Farm fresh Ibiza eggs

Meet the Cas Gasi hens!  Our hens are free to wander around the orchard, our feathered friends  supply the hotel with fresh eggs for breakfast and for use in the kitchen.
Every morning we offer newly laid eggs from our own hens, cooked to your liking…

Breakfast at Cas Gasi

Every morning the kitchen opens it’s doors, offering a breakfast buffet made with loving care.

Cocktails & Sangria

The best cocktails and Sangria for enjoying this unique setting.
How about a Hendricks Gin & Tonic with cucumber and organic rose petals from our estate? Or the Cas Gasi cocktail?
Let us surprise you…

A home away from home

Our discreet and professional staff look after your wellbeing, always with a smile, a watchful eye and sensitive hands that prepare your room with loving care.
The personal and always professional welcome you receive, together with the friendly atmosphere, will make you feel at home straightaway and the personalised service ensures that any request is

Freshly squeezed juices: A healthy option

Fresh organic fruit juices and smoothies, a healthy option throughout the day.

Santa Gertrudis: A prime location

Cas Gasi is peaceful and private, yet also in a prime location.

Located in the heart of the island, Cas Gasi is only 10-15 minutes away from some of Ibiza’s best beaches and attractions.

A unique hotel

What is it that makes someone feel at home – or not – when they go into a hotel bedroom?

This mysterious thing that cannot be defined and that bears no relation to anything physical or tangible, is down to the warmth of the atmosphere and the subtle energy that gives the traveler the feeling that they have come to the right place.

The Cas Gasi library

The main sitting room at Cas Gasi holds an interesting library where guests are free to browse.

At Cas Gasi we’re jammin’

We produce our own homemade jams and compotes from our organic fruit trees.

The recipe is no secret, just fruit prepared immediately after picking. Delicious!

Ibiza organic at it’s best

Almond, olive, carob, fig and pine trees all grow naturally on the Cas Gasi estate.

The following fruit trees are also grown: orange, lemon, apricot, cherry, plum, pomegranate and medlar.

Especially for you, at Cas Gasi

Brought over specially for us from the Huelva region of mainland Spain and delicious at any time of day, the authentic Iberian 3xxx black foot ham from acorn-fed pigs is so sublime that we can’t be without it!

Cas Gasi food culture

At Cas Gasi, our culture is one of sitting down at the table and enjoying good food, good drinks, in good company and in a pleasant setting. What more could one ask for?

Cas Gasi recommends: Cold pressed olive oil

A project started at Cas Gasi 8 years ago led to the planting of approximately 350 Arbequina olive trees fed by a drip watering system.

The result is the production of an excellent organic first cold pressed olive oil, for our own use and for use in the hotel, and of which we are very proud.