Cas Gasi gardens – A Mediterranean ethos

Renowned British gardener and novelist Alan Titchmarsh believes the good health garnered from the Mediterranean lifestyle has as much to do with excellent food as it does to do with garden design. Cultivated to encourage long lazy outdoor lunches followed by gentle snoozing in the shade of a fig tree, the Mediterranean garden is at once fragrant and useful. The grounds of Cas Gasi are testament to this ethos. Just take a walk through and you’ll soon see why.

Aromatic herbs have long featured heavily in the gardens of the Med and they are not lacking at Cas Gasi either. Rosemary and thyme grow alongside lavender, its mauve flowers a perfumed nuance amongst the greenery. Bougainvillea shines vibrant pinks, purples and whites against sandy stone work and whitewashed walls and ever-delicious jasmine twines itself around trellises with its delicate white flowers and heady, romantic fragrance.

At certain times of the year the garden is resplendent with blooms of all shapes, scents, sizes and colours. White agapanthus is reminiscent of champagne bubbles and the delicate blue petals of plumbago grow alongside deep purple sweetpeas whose blossoms are like an elegant garment for a fairytale ball. Playing with colour is essential to any garden but even moreso in the Mediterranean where dry spells can create sparseness. The lovely periwinkle is the perfect match to the climate providing almost year round flowers which are beautifully juxtaposed by the brilliant orange and golden shades of gazanias, like a heavy dose of bright sunshine.