Cas Gasi never stands still

Cas Gasi was once the family home of owners Margaret and Luis, within the walls children grew (as seen in these photos, with 24 years passing between the two images), tears were dried, birthdays celebrated and moments were shared. This familial quality has imbued every aspect of the hotel keeping it heartfelt and intimate. Yet, underneath the cosy ambience is a hive of activity, a constant evolution is at play. Growth occurs, not in the corporate sense, there is no striving to be bigger, but always a striving to improve.

There’s no better example of how Cas Gasi continues to grow than in the staff that provide the backbone to the hotel. The people who join the team are always genuinely interested in interacting with guests and sharing their knowledge of the island. Basically, they are people who enjoy people! Each department in the hotel has the capability and freedom to improve and grow from their own direct experience. It means that individual personalities are able to emerge allowing both guests and staff to feel at home.

Technology plays a huge part in daily life and of course Cas Gasi is always updating systems. Even so, the hotel is a refuge from the rigors of work life, a place where one can switch off or on as needed (but hopefully more off than on!). Perhaps it’s a new integrated sound system, switching to fibre optic or upgrading the many sustainable technologies the hotel utilises, in whichever area technology is only ever employed to better serve and enhance the daily experience. Technology is useful but never apparent, available but never domineering.

Cas Gasi’s reputation continues to grow along the international grapevine with each visitor seemingly connected to previous ones. The best compliments are the many personal recommendations guests pass on to others. Cas Gasi remains a respite from the clamour of the outside world, a sanctuary hidden amongst the lush valleys of Ibiza, close enough to the bright dazzle of this gorgeous island while also dreamily secluded.