Form, function and beauty

It’s no secret that Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff is continuously rejuvenating the hotel. Whether it’s adding a newly discovered plant to the gardens or restoring an antique to its former glory, her eye is always seeking to refine its aesthetic appeal.

Some of the most recent additions to the rooms and common areas are the result of a very special relationship that started 20 years ago, when Margaret took a pair of chairs to a local decor store and workshop to be reupholstered, where she met Christopher Stone – a cabinetmaker, sculptor and artist originally from the East End of London.

18 years later, Margaret sought him out once again and for the last three years the pair have been collaborating on many aspects of the property, with Chris lending his cabinetmaker’s skill and artist’s eye for colour, irreverence and fun to Cas Gasi.

His training as a cabinetmaker was all about precision and geometry but Chris wanted to take those elements and spin them to suit his own style, which he describes as “comfort and crazy”. For Margaret, he brought a new perspective to her visions, challenging her to see the rooms and spaces of the hotel from a different angle. It’s clearly a partnership that both enjoy immensely as they relish their shared passion for form, function and beauty.

Known for his sculptural pieces and paintings, there are big plans afoot to add to Cas Gasi’s growing collection of Christopher Stone works. Watch this space… and those in the hotel!