Especially for you, at Cas Gasi

Brought over specially for us from the Huelva region of mainland Spain and delicious at any time of day, the authentic Iberian 3xxx black foot ham from acorn-fed pigs is so sublime that we can’t be without it!

You will also find fresh goat and sheep milk cheese from neighbouring farms, made with plant curd following traditional Ibiza recipes that use fig leaves, and fresh cottage cheese with mint.

In our delicious Ibiza sweets you can detect an Oriental influence from long ago.

Fláo is a very unusual fresh goat and sheep milk cheese tart with mint, typically eaten at Easter, and Graixonera, made with dry “ensaimadas” (a traditional sweet pastry in the Balearic Islands), eggs, milk and sugar.  The best is from Cati d’en Puig, with a judicious touch of batalafuga, or aniseed. organic seo company .