Essential luxuries: La Biosthetique guest amenities

These days it’s so hard to find products and businesses that have not been engulfed by multinational conglomerates. Even in the world of beauty and skin care, so many so-called quality brands have become subsidiaries of chemical giants. Cas Gasi is a family-owned boutique hotel and every product used comes from a trusted source of like minded people and companies that share the same ethos of family values, quality processes and customer care. When the opportunity came to engage the luxury skin care range from La Biosthetique for Cas Gasi’s guest amenities, it was a perfect match.

La Biosthetique is renowned for exceptional skin care, cosmetic and hair care using the best quality natural ingredients and the know-how that comes from a base in bioengineering. Siegfried Weiser and Marcel Contier established the company in 1948 in the heart of Paris. Contier was an accomplished bioengineer who firmly believed natural substances were superior to synthetics. It’s a guiding principle that runs right through the whole company and fits well with the ethics of Cas Gasi. After Contier’s passing, his partner took over the business alongside his sons and maintains many of the original formulas and philosophies. Just like Cas Gasi, it’s a truly family run business.

Every bathroom at Cas Gasi is now kitted out with the gorgeous skin and hair care range from La Biosthetique – think creamy moisturisers, cleansing shampoos and silky smooth conditioners. Better still, come and stay with Cas Gasi and you’ll get the best of worlds – beautiful surrounds and luxurious skin care. Here, the La Biosthetique experience goes even deeper in the elegant spa, where Cas Gasi’s professional beauty therapist Sara pampers guests with a range of treatments designed exclusively with the high quality products.