Meet the Cas Gasi family: Margaret von Korff & Luis Trigueros Juan

The reason a holiday at Cas Gasi feels like you are staying at a family home is because you ARE staying in a family home: the home of happily married couple Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan. The couple first met purely by coincidence in Barcelona (isn’t it always?) in 1983, when Margaret – who had just returned to her hometown after running a travel agency in London and was at an impasse in her life – was invited by an old school friend to visit a boat that was preparing to sail the famous Whitbread Round The World Race (today called the Volvo Ocean Race). A boat, which happened to be co-owned by Luis, who came from a very old Ibicencan family but had also grown up in Barcelona… On her second trip out to sea, Margaret (who had never been out at sea before) met Luis. “He just… appeared!” she says. They got to talking about the project, and talking some more, and before she knew it, Margaret was suddenly in love and became involved in the project herself, from preparation and landing arrangements to participating in the sailing trips. In 1986, when Luis suggested the couple settle down on his birth island of Ibiza (where he had two children from a previous marriage), there was no hesitation. Arriving to an instant family life, Margaret and Luis lived first in Roca Llisa for a few months, moving to an apartment in Ibiza town, before marrying in 1988. In 1989, when their first daughter Vera was on the way, it was time to expand their family home and the search began. “Every couple has the wish to find the right place and we just knew this was it,” says Margaret, of the minute they arrived to the property. And the rest, as they say, is history… But more on that later!