Now & then: From animal pens to beautiful bedrooms

When Cas Gasi owners Margaret and Luis first decided to transform their family home into a boutique hotel, expanding the size of the old farmhouse was essential in order to accommodate their desired amount of guests.

While existing bedrooms and spaces were renovated in the process, there was also a much more interesting area of the house that was given a total revival and a new lease on life… one you may be surprised to hear when you see the beautiful and stylish results!

You see, Cas Gasi, many many moons ago, before its new owners took over the reins, had been home to some good old sturdy farm horses. And as you’d expect, after they’d finished a solid day’s work on the farm, these horses were kept in stables, attached to the side of the house. Get the picture?

Margaret and Luis had a vision for the future, and as they began the expansion of the hotel, the functionality of the long-unused stables as rooms became more and more obvious. And while the idea of sleeping in a stable certainly sounds unromantic, the rooms near to the small pool area that stand in their place today are one of the most wonderful places within the hotel to spend the night… or day…