Sara Tagliabue

Sara Tagliabue

Massage therapist and esthetician

Italian born Sara Tagliabue’s passion, motivation and thirst for knowledge keeps her at the cutting edge of both aesthetics and therapeutics. Sara believes each individual has the power to experience ultimate wellbeing of both body and mind. In keeping with her philosophy she has developed the concept of ‘Total Beauty’, which focuses on the therapeutic benefits of looking and feeling great inside and out.

Whether you take your treatment in the luxurious Cas Gasi spa, in your room or in the garden surrounded by the fragrant beauty of the landscape, a session with Sara is guaranteed to bring you peace, relaxation and tranquillity.

Using the acclaimed La Biosthetique range of products, Sara delivers beauty treatments and a variety of massage techniques that are designed according to the needs of the individual. She works with the conviction that every human being deserves to enjoy life to the fullest and that true wellbeing can only be achieved when we care for our bodies, our overall health and allow ourselves to really relax. Sara invites you to indulge in the ultimate self-care practices as she guides your skin and body into full alignment.

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