Ibiza is a wonderful natural environment in which to rejuvenate and revitalise.

Cas Gasi has always offered guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Surrounded by nature, immersed in fresh country air and with nothing but the sounds of the environment to disturb your reverie, the abundance of fresh, healthy and organic cuisine cooked in a pure, Mediterranean way makes it almost impossible not to instantly feel a blissful state of peace…

To help ease you into complete relaxation mode, the Cas Gasi wellness centre is a tranquil haven with a dry sauna, whirlpool and private relaxation space plus a fully-equipped gym and outdoor yoga deck. Yoga and massage are an important element of Cas Gasi life, helping you reconnect with yourself, and embrace that all important ‘me time’.

Personalised spa services, beauty treatments, hair services and complementary therapies are provided by Cas Gasi’s in-house therapists and yoga teacher, alongside external specialist professionals. Offering a contemporary range of both Eastern and Western spa favourites, our extensive range of spa treatments (see menus on right) and therapies ensures your every need is catered to. We highly recommend the Cas Gasi massage – our number one treatment, using personalised aromatherapy made with natural ingredients.

Cas Gasi makes it easy for you to bring some yoga into your life – join the free yoga class at 8.30am every morning throughout summer. Open your body, open your mind and open your heart with Hatha Vinyasa yoga, inspired by Anusara Yoga. All levels welcome.

Your complete relaxation and the feeling of pure bliss is our aim!

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Explore the range of spa delights available at Cas Gasi.

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Essential luxuries: La Biosthetique guest amenities

Cas Gasi is a family-owned boutique hotel and every product used comes from a trusted source of like minded people and companies that share the same ethos of family values, quality processes and customer care.

Day treatments at Cas Gasi

Taking some time out to care for your wellbeing is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Not everyone wants to, or even needs to, take a weeklong detox to bring peace of mind and support a healthful body. Often we just need one day of conscious relaxation to re-centre and feel good about our world and ourselves. This is why Cas Gasi have partnered with health and wellness professionals to design two separate re-energising day treatments.

Free daily yoga class for Cas Gasi guests during the season

Every morning as the sun rises and the island stretches out to greet another beautiful day, Cas Gasi’s private yogi repares to share her magical skills on the yoga mat with any hotel guests who chose to participate. This daily, free yoga class is just one of the many ways Cas Gasi provides guests with

A luxury country hideaway with the authenticity of a Mediterranean home

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Ibiza’s best kept secret

Harper’s Bazaar
Spa and yoga retreats

Yoga retreats have always been popular in Ibiza, but for some people, joining a group retreat is not always possible, or desirable. Whether it is the restricted dates that make it difficult to attend or that you’d simply prefer to experience a yoga retreat connecting with yourself, Cas Gasi can create bespoke yoga retreats for just one person.

In bloom: Cas Gasi gardens…

Alive with vibrant colour, beautiful, flowing movement and perfectly manicured lawns, it would seem the soil at Cas Gasi has been blessed with something magical, due to the way the flowers, plants and grass thrive here!

Special Ibiza sunsets

Ibiza and sunsets go hand in hand, and while everyone is aware of the famous San Antonio ‘sunset strip’ and its variety of chillout bars – including the legendary Café del Mar – there are also plenty of other alternative vantage points on the island to watch the sun sink into the sea each night.

We arrived and enjoyed the peace & serenity of the Ibiza countryside

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