The project of converting the original Cas Gasi estate into a luxury boutique hotel is closely bound to its owners’ concern for the environment. Passionate about the concept of organic farming, they promote sustainable use of the estate’s resources, including recently installing solar heating panels.

Cas Gasi has its own sand-filtered well supplying the hotel’s water needs. A sewage treatment plant has been installed, using advanced technology to achieve completely pure water (from waste) for re-use in the garden.

Almond, carob, fig and pine trees all grow naturally on the estate, alongside orange, lemon, apricot, cherry, plum, pomegranate and quince trees. Cas Gasi produces organic homemade jams and compotes from these trees, while hens wander freely around the orchard and supply the hotel daily with fresh eggs.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables such as peppers, leeks, courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, beetroot, strawberries and more flourish in the organic garden, and local Monastrell grapes are harvested for country-style house wine. 350 drip-watered Arbequina olive trees result in the production of an excellent, organic cold-pressed olive oil, to the delight of the owners and visitors alike.

Only natural fertilisers are used and alternative organic methods are employed to fight crop pests and all waste produced by the hotel is actively recycled.

An extraordinary property which spills down a hillside smothered in almond, fig and carob trees

Conde Nast Traveller

An extraordinary property which spills down a hillside smothered in almond, fig and carob trees

Conde Nast Traveller
Make an eco-friendly splash

Over the years, Cas Gasi has become renowned for finding new ways to incorporate innovative, ecological systems into the daily running of the hotel. The protection of the environment has always been of great concern to owners Margaret and Luis, and likewise for their environmentally conscious and well-travelled guests, which is why you won’t find any harsh chemicals used in the beautiful hotel swimming pools.


Cas Gasi owners Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan pride themselves on using as many sustainable techniques and eco-friendly methods as possible in the day-to-day running of the hotel.

In bloom: Ibiza almond blossoms

As the thick of the winter starts to come to an end, the fields of Ibiza become awash with a beautiful white haze… No, it’s not snow – rather, this spectacular show of nature is the annual blooming of the almond blossoms, when the wiry old almond trees finally get to show off, turning the country landscapes into picturesque scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale.

The best organic food I have ever had. Fantastic.

Guest, London

Guests return for the discreet, attentive service from owner Margaret von Korff and her staff

Food & Wine
Ibiza flora and fauna

The hotel is surrounded by hundreds of exceptionally beautiful perfumed flowers that release their fragrance at dusk. The orange groves and the vegetable plots are all organically farmed, giving the garden a rustic feel.

Farm fresh Ibiza eggs

Meet the Cas Gasi hens!  Our hens are free to wander around the orchard, our feathered friends  supply the hotel with fresh eggs for breakfast and for use in the kitchen.
Every morning we offer newly laid eggs from our own hens, cooked to your liking…

At Cas Gasi we’re jammin’

We produce our own homemade jams and compotes from our organic fruit trees.

The recipe is no secret, just fruit prepared immediately after picking. Delicious!

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