What the press says about us

The year started well for us in the press! While the island was hibernating, the world at large was talking…

The year began with Cas Gasi being featured in BRIDES Honeymoon Guide. They recommended us as the perfect marriage bed for our “heavenly crisp sheets” and noted that our “staff know exactly when to help and when to discretly disappear”. We quite liked how they labled Cas Gasi as “another planet” compared to the rest of the island and how guests so enjoy our “organic farm to plate” kitchen and our free morning yoga classes. All of these elements are integral parts of what BRIDES labled our “blissful Balearic bubble”.

If that wasn’t enough, COSMOPOLITAN joined the band wagon and raved about Cas Gasi founder and owner Margaret Von Korff as being “the most charming host on the island” with staff that “look like they walked straight off a Milanese catwalk”! While on the subject of Cas Gasi fashion and design, COSMO had to drop repeat guest Kate Moss’ name, mentioning that she stays with us when visiting Ibiza, “Yes, it’s that cool.” But it got even cooler when they talked about Viz, our beloved Andalusian waterdog (not Portuguese!), and how she is so affectionate that it is she and not our “effortlessly elegant interiors” that make it so hard to leave!

The “Good Life” magazine, ROBB REPORT, brought us right back to the essential fact that “at the very heart of the island, surrounded by pine tres, olive groves, almond and fig trees” lies a family home that has evolved, “over 3 decades”, into a “renowned luxury Boutique Hotel”. Here in the splendor of nature, one rests in “gorgeous double rooms with balconies and impressive suites with Moroccan detail and private libraries”. ROBB emphasised how our kitchen “integrates organic products from it’s own cultivation that delight even the most exigent palates” and how our relaxing atmosphere attracts “guests like Jade Jagger”. ROBB REPORT closes their article by asking a simple question “How could one not fall into such temptation?”