Winter at Cas Gasi: Everybody loves the sunshine

Everybody loves the sunshine! Did you know that Ibiza experiences average winter temperatures of 16 degrees and the mercury rarely drops below nine? The rest of Europe is shivering and complaining while over here we’re happily sipping wine on the sun-drenched terrace in December. Summer in Ibiza is amazing but winter is truly sublime. Come and experience your favourite island (and hotel!) in a completely new way by joining us at Cas Gasi for a winter escape full of charm, romance and clear blue skies.

With more and more direct flights from Europe this winter, you can find yourself leaving Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Geneva and just a couple of hours later be walking through a pristine forest followed by an evening spent eating scrumptious food and chatting by the roaring Cas Gasi fireplace. Longer stays are more than welcome and give you a chance to discover this magical island minus the crazy crowds.

The depths of winter means you need to be even more aware of taking care of mind, body and soul. Prepare yourself for a brand new year by taking some time out to rejuvenate and reconnect. Heal yourself of the winter blues via the Cas Gasi experience. Delicious food, health and beauty treatments, gorgeous scenery, good company and bright skies will get you through!

Contact us on +34 971 197 700, or via email on to enquire about your winter stay at Cas Gasi. We look forward to welcoming you here throughout the winter months!