Alquiler Privado

Cas Gasi es el entorno ideal para una gran variedad de eventos especiales y celebraciones.

Tanto si es una recepción formal como informal, de amigos, familia o negocios, el entorno del hotel lo convierte en el escenario perfecto para cada ocasión. El hotel, sus servicios y sus instalaciones, en exclusiva.

Es también un lugar ideal para sesiones fotográficas y rodajes, y para hospedar al equipo, clientes y modelos. En Cas Gasi tenemos gran experiencia e infraestructura para atender todas las necesidades inherentes a esta actividad.

Nuestra estancia fue maravillosa y el trato que recibimos fue perfecto

Huésped, España

Llegar a Cas Gasi es no querer marcharse nunca

Huésped, México
Meet the family: Clara & Viz

Nine years ago Clara joined the team (and family) at Cas Gasi. Her main job is to keep seats warm and lick people’s hands. Yes, she is a dog, however, like most Jack Russells she would be appalled to be classed as such…

Our neighbourhood by electric bike

There are so many lovely trails and pathways leading to cute villages and gorgeous beaches throughout Ibiza. Of course, there are many options for discovering these hidden routes, however, an electric bike is the perfect answer…

In the press – Our latest accolades

We pride ourselves on being a small and discreet boutique hotel. Our goal has always been to create a warm and welcoming ambience where it’s all about family, friends, and luxurious relaxation.

Nuestra estancia fue maravillosa y el trato que recibimos fue perfecto

Huésped, España

La realeza también se ha quedado encantada con el gran estilo de la familia

IBIZA Deluxe
The invisible members club

Originally private members clubs were used as a retreat for the aristocratic class while in the city. More recently there has been a resurgence in the private members club scene.

Behind the scenes: Searching for décor

The famous New York interior designer Bunny Williams says, “If you love something, it will work. That is the only real rule”. That aphorism is no truer than in the decoration of Cas Gasi.

Shopping with a heart

The intimate boutique within Cas Gasi has evolved organically, much like the rest of the hotel. Every single piece has been hand selected in accordance to Cas Gasi’s aesthetic and ethical ideals.

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